Ferrari Forgery

Version 2

Tony’s Forged 1958 Ferrari 250 Testarossa

Since childhood Tony has been obsessed with the Ferrari motorcar. Along with Leonardo DaVinci, Enzo Ferrari has always been his biggest hero. In 1980, Tony began his six year labor of love; a forgery of one of the famous 1958 Ferrari 250 Testarossa TR58 race cars of which only 19 exemplars were ever made. Meticulously and painstakingly, Tony began hand crafting a car so perfect in the most minute detail, that it could have passed for the genuine Ferrari that was lost in an accident.

Tetro began with genuine tail lights and doggedly worked his way forward, designing the hand hammered body and recreating parts and accessories from technical specifications and rare photos. Following Enzo Ferrari’s practices, Tetro even hand painted the “Scuderia Ferrari” emblems on his car despite the fact that rare restored Ferraris routinely use plastic decals today. In his exacting obsession with detail, Tetro reserved only one element. He did not alter the serial number of the automobile. As of 1992, the missing car was reported to be in South America. Its exact whereabouts are unknown today. In the 90’s, a real 250 Testarossa sold for over $11 million.


Tony’s Forged Ferrari

Version 2

Tony’s current Ferrari

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