Official Website: World’s Greatest Art Forger

1.TonyFerrari Good

1989 – Tony With His Forged 1958 Ferrari Testarossa

Tony Tetro is a world renowned art forger. In a career spanning over 40 years, Tetro forged works by old and contemporary masters in every genre. From Chagall to Rembrandt to Dali to Caravaggio, his extraordinary talent was to create works so real, so plausible that they passed even the closest scrutiny of the most discerning eyes. Tetro’s works were regularly passed off as legitimate works in museums, galleries, and auction houses around the world. Los Angeles District Attorney Ira Reiner called Tony, “the single largest forger of art works in America.” In 1989, Tetro was convicted of art forgery in a show trial in Los Angeles. He was released from jail in 1994.

In 2019, Tetro was involved in the notorious Prince Charles / Dumfries House art forgery scandal when his works were passed into the British Royal Collection of Prince Charles by one of his clients.

Currently he executes master emulations – original works in the style and technique of famous painters for an exclusive list of elite clients.

Picture: Craig Hibbert /The Mail on Sunday 2019


  1. Pat Sweeney · · Reply

    Hi Butch— Tis —-your cousin Pat Tetro Sweeney, formally from Fulton but now living in New Jersey. Find your story fascinating! Glad to see you doing so well—Would love to see one of your works of art one of these days.

  2. missy bradway · · Reply

    I looked you up by chance, my dad Jan, knew you from the old days in Upland. I’ll have to tell him I found you πŸ™‚

  3. Sam Hammond · · Reply

    I still have my Tetro Chagalls hanging on my walls, 20 years ago they were a gift from Tony. Hope life is treating him well.

    1. Please share pictures of your Chagalls!!!

  4. nancy norton-marston · · Reply

    Hi Tony, Look me up on fb or thru my email. was thinking about you.

  5. Hey Tony nice to see your doing well.. We need to talk I own a Calif. Pools Franchise now doing well I just got back from Costa Rica I here you have a girlfriend out there I love that place get in touch Jim Montini

  6. Wow! Tony glad to see you are doing well ..I remember you from Upland…played trivia with you at the local pub….I was at your Surprise Birthday party ..with Jackie Monroe and Kay Giordano so glad you’re doing well…take care

  7. Spike Lynch · · Reply

    Hi Tony, remember me? I’m Spike Lynch. Used to hang out at the Peach in Upland. I now reside in Newberry Springs, near Barstow. Would love to talk with yoyu and even come to your area to see you. MY CELL NUMBER IS 760.8XX.XXXX Please call.

  8. Christina Lane · · Reply

    You do beautiful work.

  9. Richard Atherton · · Reply

    Tony it’s Rich. Chef at the Peach and your neighbor on Red Hill in the Condo. R

  10. Hi Tony, Glad your doing well. My name is Mark. I used to detail your Ferrari Dino, Ferrari 308, And your Countach. Worked for Gary at car wash in upland. Your were always a great person to talk to. Take care

  11. Nancy Green · · Reply

    Tony Tetro, Remember me Nancy Green! I remember you from the Peach and the famous Boars Head. Loved your parties and drove your car one night too! The red Ferrari. I wondered what happened to you. Looks like you are doing great again, so happy for you would love to hear from you!

  12. Hi ,

    Believe I have monet …. Did you forge any of Waterloo bridge paintings ?

  13. tonybino01 · · Reply

    You, Sir, is a ” genuine” genius. Your God given talent is legendary and will be noted in art history and modern American culture.

    God bless you always.

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