Commission Your Own Tetro

Meet Joe Black star, Claire Forlani, Owns a Tetro

“My process causes paint to crack from the inside out, which usually only starts after fifty years. Aging is what I was really good at – that’s the part that I liked the most. Age adds warmth, and pulls the colors together. I mean, take the Sistine Chapel. To me, now that they cleaned it, it looks like a comic book.”  – Tony Tetro

Clients may commission works of art by Mr. Tetro in a wide range of media, genres and artists. In over 40 years of experience, Tetro has created hundreds of pieces that met the very highest standards. His extraordinary talent was to create works so real, so plausible, that they appeased even the closest scrutiny of the most discerning eyes. Tetro’s works were regularly passed off as legitimate works in museums, galleries, and auction houses around the world. Los Angeles District Attorney Ira Reiner called Tony, “the single largest forger of art works in America.”

Please note that all Tetro art works will be subtly marked on the back to indicate that they are reproductions. Under no circumstance are the works of art to be presented as the work of masters or other artists.

Academy Award nomineed film composer Marco Beltrami owns several Tetros

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