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Vanity Fair – The Prince,The Flash, and the Forger

Tony’s work from James Stunt’s Royal caper in this full length feature article in Vanity Fair.

Town & Country -Prince Charles Couldn’t Spot the Fake Artwork. Can You?

Tony’s work in the stately home of Prince Charles via Town & Country Magazine.

Art Critique France – Vrai ou Faux

Art Critique. True or False. Extensive and insightful article.

NY Post -The Art Forger So Good, That His Paintings Tricked The Royal Family

Tony Tetro ranks among the world’s most talented art forgers — as Prince Charles found out the hard way. Three borrowed paintings were loaned for display at Dumfries House, the Scottish estate that is headquarters to the Prince’s Fund charity.

Tetro Fake in the Royal Collection

Another Tetro emulation is discovered in the Royal Collection at Dumfries House.

W Magazine – Oops!

Oops, Prince Charles Allegedly Displayed $136-Million Worth of Forged Art.

Paris Match – Au Coeur d’un Scandale

Paris Match On Tony’s Forgerie Chez Prince Charles.

NY Times: Forger Claims Credit for Paintings in Prince Charles’s HQ

Tony’s Monet, Picasso, and Dali find their way into Dumfries House the stately home that is the headquarters of Prince Charles’ charity headquarters.

FRONT PAGE: Tetro Forgeries. Charles Hit By ‘FAKE ART’

Unbeknownst to the artist, Tetro’s paintings are brought to Prince Charles’ stately home, Dumfries House by client, James Stunt. This is front page news on one of the UK’s largest circulation newspaper, The Mail on Sunday

The Sunday Times of London on Tony

The Times of London reports on Tony’s Monet, Dali, and Picasso and how they found their way into the collection of Dumfries House, Prince Charles’ stately home.