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Paris Match – Au Coeur d’un Scandale

Paris Match On Tony’s Forgerie Chez Prince Charles.

NY Times: Forger Claims Credit for Paintings in Prince Charles’s HQ

Tony’s Monet, Picasso, and Dali find their way into Dumfries House the stately home that is the headquarters of Prince Charles’ charity headquarters.

FRONT PAGE: Tetro Forgeries. Charles Hit By ‘FAKE ART’

Unbeknownst to the artist, Tetro’s paintings are brought to Prince Charles’ stately home, Dumfries House by client, James Stunt. This is front page news on one of the UK’s largest circulation newspaper, The Mail on Sunday

The Sunday Times of London on Tony

The Times of London reports on Tony’s Monet, Dali, and Picasso and how they found their way into the collection of Dumfries House, Prince Charles’ stately home.

Vanity Fair on Tony’s Art

Vanity Fair covers the story of Tony Tetro and how his forgeries made their way into Prince Charles’ stately home, Dumfries House.

Tetro Fakes And Prince Charles

On November 3rd 2019, it was revealed that Tony Tetro’s paintings which he did for British figure James Stunt, were used in a scheme to lend paintings to Dumfries House, the stately home of Prince Charles. An explosive story whose conclusion remains to be seen.

Il Giornale – Scandalo a Corte

Il Giornale, from Italy covers the story of Prince Charles, James Stunt, and Tony’s Art.

GQ Germany

Der Prinz Und Der Schwindler. Germany GQ covers the story of how Tony’s art got to the British Royal Collection of Prince Charles.

USA TODAY – Tony and the Prince

USA reports on Tony’s fakes entering the British Royal Collection via James Stunt.

Art News – $136 M in Art are My Fakes

ArtNews covers Tony’s works whose fake value was set at $136M.