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Tony and the Warhol Challenge

Portraits of the Artifice

The artworks of Tony Tetro may well hang in some of the world’s most prestigious museums and private collections – but his name isn’t in any art history books and he can’t tell you which museums…

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Tony Appears on NBC’s Treasure Hunters

Curtis Dowling enlists the help of one of the world’s top forgers, Tony Tetro. Learn about Tony’s history and how he fooled experts.

Tony At the Warhol Challenge

The Painted Life – Acclaim Magazine

Back in the ‘80s, he lived a life so obscenely lavish, he quickly became a regular on the police radar as a suspected drug dealer. Jailed for his art crimes in the early ‘90s and released a year later with all records expunged, had the pleasure of chatting to the man about his incredible […]

Tony on ABC Australia

Tony on Australia’s ABC

In the lobby of a Melbourne hotel there are what look like ten Andy Warhol art works. It’s part of a competition to win an original Warhol print. But here’s the catch, only one is a real Warhol, the other nine have been recreated by professional art forger Tony Tetro. He’s so good, in fact, […]

Tony and Michelangelo

The Repro Man – LA Times

An Artist of Talent and, Some Say, Genius, Tony Tetro Is Charged With Forging the Works of Chagall, Miro, Dali. But He Claims Only to Be: THE REPRO MAN By: Paul Dean Times Staff Writer Tony Tetro’s high and expensive profile was the very model of the modern major drug dealer. When not driving a […]